A Swiftie’s complex relationship with.. well, Taylor Swift.

Before you stop reading this post thinking I will be hating on Taylor Swift, bear in mind that this post was written by a Swiftie – you could also say a more ‘objective’ Swiftie. And as expected, this woman did not disappoint me with her album. On the contrary, she surprised me, shocked me, made me cry and laugh and made me admire her for her courage to be so explicit and direct in her lyrics.

To get to the actual reason for writing this though: To be honest, I don’t really care much about what Taylor’s reputation is like. Yes, I’ve heard of her Kim, Kanye and Katy Perry feuds as well as her past relationships. When the song “Look What You Made Me Do” came out, I was shocked. I didn’t like it much. I have been a big fan of Taylor Swift ever since her very first album, but this song made me view her so much more differently than I used to. There was always the aspect of her sometimes acting like a ‘diva’ which I never liked, but I have never felt so negatively about a song and her until I heard that one song. All I could think was, why can’t she just let it go? Why does there have to be so much drama? A whole album concept, the instagram move.. everything was revolving around these celebrity feuds from the past two years. I was shocked by her music video as well. I had so many reasons to not listen to her upcoming album and support her as much anymore.

  1. I can understand that she’s mad at all the celebrities betraying her and I do feel her but what I don’t like is that she made all of this so much bigger than it had to be, making this the reason for changing her image, changing her instagram profile, her album concept – all of this just for show.
  2. After listening to it a few more times, “Look What You Made Me Do” did grow on me after all, especially the video, I have to admit is simply genius. However, as edgy and feisty as it is: no Taylor, no one made you do anything – you decided to change everything yourself. You could have ignored it and kept on doing your thing.
  3. Spotify. I was mad when she removed her catalogue from Spotify. Luckily, she put it up there again – but it didn’t change my attitude towards all of this. However, after reading her letter to Apple, I almost fell for it. In this letter she was claiming that being against streaming services was not about her but in solidarity with all the other, young artists, who lose out on their money by not being paid by Apple for three months during the free-trial-period for its customers. Granted, it worked and Apple started paying artists during that period as well. And I almost fell for it and thought maybe, just maybe, she meant it and it wasn’t just about her.
  4. Then, a few weeks ago, I heard of something called the “Taylor Swift Tix” and I knew I shouldn’t have fallen for that letter in the first place. This thing that she introduced only supported and even strengthened my opinion about her acting like a spoiled brat, to put it bluntly. In case you don’t know what this concept she introduced is, I’ll explain. It’s a fan site powered by Ticketmaster. You sign up there until November 28 and it will give you “the best access to tickets” for her upcoming concerts. If you’re a hardcore Swiftie and you decide you want to boost your chances even more, you will have to buy merchandise, the album, take photos of Reputation ads on the street, watch her music videos and/or pre-order her album. The more you buy, the better your chances are. All of this would kind of also ensure that fans with more money have a bigger chance of getting tickets than fans who cannot afford merchandise, for example.
  5. And to top it all: The album got released – but not on Spotify or any other streaming services, for that matter! I don’t use iTunes, and I don’t use my CD-player anymore. I do use Amazon and Spotify, but even there it is not available to stream. So,  what does that imply? Was the letter to Apple really about all the other young, aspiring artists, or maybe just her after all? I do get it. Art should not be free, she works hard. Just like any other job in this world, she should get money for her work as well. However, I as a fan feel betrayed because I do not listen to music illegally and I actually pay for Spotify. So technically, I would be paying for listening to her album anyway. I know that I would have to listen to her songs 180 times in order to reach the price of the actual album, but honestly, doesn’t she have enough fans out there for this to be lucrative enough anyway? If the whole argument with streaming services wasn’t about her and just on behalf of all the aspiring artists who rely on profit especially at the beginning of their career, she could have simply released it on Spotify as well. By delaying the streaming she is trying to extract as much money from sales on the market as possible. 

But then..

My curiosity got the better of me and I went on youtube and found a solution to my problem: watch Reputation reaction videos and listen to her songs that way. And my God, just one listen to this and all my anger faded away into nothing. I was not ‘ready for it’ at all. I still think the drama and excessive advertisement for her album wasn’t necessary and kinda annoying because simply letting her songs speak for themselves and listening to her ‘dissing’ everyone who has betrayed her in some sort of way would have definitely been as effective! You listen to some of the songs and all you can think is “Yes, girl! Show ’em!” even though a few months ago you had basically no interest in any of those feuds. More importantly, though, the album is not dominated by her feuds but, as always, in an old-Taylor-like way, by romance, love and in my opinion, a newly added trait: confidence. Although I can’t listen to the album yet (I will not support her way of marketing and will, therefore, wait for it to be released on Spotify), I am in love already. I can’t be angry anymore because this album is a masterpiece. Her songwriting, as always, is the best part about all of it. At least this is something she has never lost: her talent with words. Thank God that she is still writing all of her songs herself. So many of her lyrics that she comes up with are ingenious, brilliant and simply iconic.

I don’t really know if this post had any point to it, but I suppose it reflects the feelings I have about it all.  Anger, love and obsession over something that is edgy, feisty, genius, romantic and dreamy at the same time: ‘reputation’. 

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17 thoughts on “A Swiftie’s complex relationship with.. well, Taylor Swift.

  1. Hi there!
    As a Swiftie myself, I know how you feel and the mixed feelings you have liking her music and on the other hand not really liking her attitude right now…

    I’m a fan from the very beginning, starting with the first album available in Germany (back then), Fearless, and it blew my mind away.

    But I could already feel the rebellion in Speak Now and Red, which was fine because it was about ex-boyfriends and we all want to kick their butts sometimes… It was harmless and I still felt her.

    But nowadays… I instantly fell for Ready for it but I agree with you that this whole drama is so unnecessary, I thought she was better than that! Sure, she didn’t start it but why can’t she let it go, like you said?

    Sometimes, I admit it, I miss the old Taylor, who was gentle and romantic and full of hope, now in almost all her songs she sounds so… agressive and bitter which is so sad. That’s what you get for dating the players…

    Anyway, I really liked your article, great work! 🙂


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    1. Hi Dani! Thank you so much for your comment, it’s interesting to hear others opinions on this! Just like you I’ve been her fan ever since Fearless (same situation here, I think: that was the first album available in Austria) and I still am, of course, but it’s like you said, there are her songs on the one hand (which I think are still great, especially lyrically, even if they sound different) and her attitude on the other hand.. the latter I’m not a fan of at the moment. But nonetheless, I’ll be waiting for the album to be released on Spotify and surely listen to it on repeat, as always haha 🙂

      Anyway, thanks for reading and your interesting comment! Glad I’m not the only one feeling this way! 🙂
      Oh and I just saw in your latest blog post that it’s your birthday! Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag! 🙂 Voll der Zufall; meiner ist morgen haha! 😀


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      1. Du hast morgen? Ist ja echt witzig 😀 Ich bekomme das Album übrigens als CD morgen und bin schon auf alle Songs gespannt, Call it what you want ist ja wieder eins von denen, deren Stil ich auf 1989 schon geliebt habt, ich sag nur wordporn 😉

        Ganz liebe Grüße,

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      2. Werde ich haben, danke 🙂 und dir drücke ich die Daumen, dass es bald bei Spotify ist und bis dahin hab einen schönen Geburtstag morgen!

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  2. I loved your post! It’s gave a balanced view of everything that’s happened to do with Taylor. I’ve loved her since ‚Love story‘ was released. But even still I believe I can separate my love for her and what’s actually happening to form a balanced view. I personally believe that this album was a way of replying to all the drama but also finishing it. Mainly because the album was so articulately put together. And I’m fine with that because I love the album and I don’t feel like Taylor really spoke up during all the drama. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgot half of what I was going to say because I’m sat in college but yeah, I loved your post and agreed with everything. (Also I didn’t know it wasn’t going to be available on Spotify but my parents surprised me with the cd itself and I just put it straight on my phone😊)

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    1. Thank you for your comment! And for reading! 🙂 I totally agree, it really seems like she’s finishing the drama by processing everything in her songs and the overall album, which I guess is good in a way. Hopefully her new, excessive way of marketing and trying to shoot up the sales, is going to change one day though, as that’s really the one thing that bothers me! I actually love her new album, but it’s the attitude I don’t like much. But so nice of your parents to get you the album!! 😀 Enjoy! ☺

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  3. I understand not liking things, and being a fan doesn’t mean loving everything she does. BUT, I do feel like if you hate something, it should be accurate. I find it a bit irritating when people start hating her for the Taylor Swift Tix because it makes her money hungry. Everyone saying crap like the more you buy the better chance you have. It wasn’t. My family couldn’t afford merch, I watched videos and had friends sign up with my link, I did all the free boosts and I ended up in the 3%. I loved the Taylor Swift Tix because it ensured the fans willing to put in some effort got tickets. I’ve been waiting to get tickets for over a decade now, I was happy to watch videos for an hour each day because it ensured I got a ticket, not scalpers or fake fans. Just putting that out there.


  4. Along the lines of the drama – you are completely free to not like it, but I do encourage you not to hate her for it or feel angry over it. Personally I really have a hard time letting things go. And I feel like people really need to understand the stuff she’s been through. When the Kim and Kanye stuff happened, she had thousands, THOUSANDS of people saying the worst things about her. She has dealt with people continually making fun of her over sexual assault, a very serious matter. This girl, no matter how much loved, has dealt with a heart breaking amount of hate. So while yeah, some of us might be getting annoyed with the drama, I can’t say I blame her. She could go off worse than she is now and I couldn’t even blame her, this girl has gone through more than any of us even realize. I can’t even imagine dealing with the intense hatred she has received over the last few years.


    1. It’s great that you got into these 3%! I’m happy for you! 🙂 I’m sorry if I portrayed it too harshly, but that is just how I have felt about her marketing system ever since the Spotify thing happened!

      I don’t hate her at all, I’ve been her fan ever since her first song. And I definitely understand what she’s been through (I didn’t mention the sexual assault in my post because I’m well aware it is a serious matter and I admire how she has dealt with this). I admire her for staying true to herself after all the pointless hate she received.

      I’m not hating on her, but talking about why I’m not a fan of what she has been doing marketing wise lately. I don’t know if you read my whole post, but if you did you’ll see that this was not written to hate on her but to show a „Swiftie’s“ balanced view about things. Because at the end of the post I actually talk about her album and how, as always, genius and a lyrical masterpiece it is!
      Thank you for your comment!

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      1. I completely understand! I appreciated that your post wasn’t just a bashing article, I just thought I’d comment about the drama because I feel like a lot of people don’t realize what it’s like to be hated on such a massive scale. I’m very glad you still listened to the album and enjoyed it/appreciated it for what it is:))

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      2. You’re definitely right! She did deal with a lot and handled it in a way other artists maybe couldn’t have! That’s definitely something to admire! I appreciate your comment! Thanks! 🙂

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  5. Closet Swiftie here 😛 After all the social media hype with instagram and tease of her new album I had high hopes for her single but when I first heard Look What You Made Me Do I was disappointed. Wanted to love it but just couldn’t. Ready for it was a bit better but still was a little disappointed, thought maybe she lost her touch. Finally got to listen to the rest of her album though and it is legit. I think it’s her best album to date. Other than the 2 songs mentioned I can literally listen to the whole thing without skipping a song.

    I think she just was looking for a new angle to promote herself and create some buzz. Have to continually re-invent as an artist so kudos to her for trying, but the classic Taylor is still there, once you get past all the marketing jazz.

    End Game On Repeat 🙂

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