the beautiful Wachau and Melk Abbey

The Wachau is a region you should definitely not miss out on. Unbelievably, it took me  22 years until last week I finally went to see one out of my country’s ten UNESCO world heritage sites. Me, my sister and my mum hit the road one very early bank holiday morning and took the train to Krems. From there, all that was left to do was to get comfortable on a boat as the journey through the Wachau region would take almost three hours. It was unbelievably hot but the stunning views made it bearable and worth it.


After arriving at our destination, the beautiful abbey, above the small and cute town Melk, stood out a mile with its vibrant colours and impressive magnitude. We made our way up to the abbey and instantly had to pause to admire how much bigger and more impressive it was than we had imagined. What followed was a very interesting and beautiful interior but what impressed us most, I think, was the library with its 1000 handwritten books, that go back hundreds of years. I wanted to take pictures of it so badly.


To wrap up our trip to Melk, we went on a short stroll around the old town, which instantly won us over with its charm. How near such stunning places can be. It is definitely worth putting your cravings for different countries on pause, forgoing that weekend abroad and instead go on a short, but worthwile adventure in your own country.

I guess I could call living in Austria a serendipity.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-02 um 11.17.40


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